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4 Festive & Scrumptious Green Foods for St. Patrick's Day

4 Festive & Scrumptious Green Foods for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is an annual celebration of Irish culture and history. And like any holiday, it's best enjoyed with lots of yummy food and drinks! Whether you're hosting or attending a shamrock-themed gathering, you'll want to stock up on munchies from our selection of green foods for St. Patrick's Day.

4 Festive & Scrumptious Green Foods for St. Patrick's Day

  1. Wasabi Peas – It's simple to spice up your St. Patrick's Day festivities thanks to wasabi peas from Nuts to You. To create this crunchy snack, we roast green peas and then add a light wasabi coating that offers just the right amount of kick. 
  2. Shelled (No Shell), Roasted, No Salt Pistachios – You're in luck! Green foods for St. Patrick's Day can be both nutritious and delicious. Take shelled California pistachios, for instance. These naturally green nuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber, healthy fats and other essential nutrients. And since they're out of the shell, these vibrantly colored nuts are super easy to snack on!
  3. Split Green Peas – These bright green peas will add color, texture and a delicate earthy flavor to any soup or stew. They can also be used in casseroles and dips for your holiday celebration.
  4. Mint Malt Balls – For dessert or a palate cleanser, mint malt balls are a delectable treat. The combination of fresh mint and luscious semisweet chocolate makes these candies a guaranteed crowd pleaser at any party.

These are just a few of the extraordinarily yummy green foods for St. Patrick's Day you can find in our inventory. 

Shop for St. Patrick's Day Goodies at Nuts to You 

For those looking to create a memorable spread of green foods for St. Patrick's Day, Nuts to You has you covered! We offer a huge variety of snacks and snack trays, many of which include festive green goodies. We'll also have Irish potatoes in stock very soon, so be sure to check back often for these coconut treats that only come around once a year! 

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