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Get to Know Nuts To You & Our Fresh Snacks Selection

Are you searching for a place where you can dependably find a fresh snacks selection featuring all of your favorite sweet, salty and spicy flavors? In the Philadelphia area and all across the country, Nuts To You is the preferred choice thanks to our wide and always-expanding selection, our dedication to quality and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Today, we’ll feature a few of our product categories to give you a feel for the bounty you can find, both in our stores and online.

Get to Know Nuts To You & Our Fresh Snacks Selection 

Proud to be Philadelphia’s most beloved family owned and operated nut house, we offer way more than just nuts! Some of the other snacking and cooking staples we’re known for include:

  • Snack Mixes – We’re widely recognized for our unique snack mixes that blend (sometimes unexpected) flavors and textures to create something truly special and irresistible. From our Bar & Brew Trail Mix to our All-American Apple Pie Mix, there’s something for everyone in our vast variety of portable pairings.
  • Popcorn – Popped in house every single day to ensure optimal freshness, our popcorn is the best in town and all around! Get it salted, unsalted or covered in perfectly sweet caramel.
  • Nuts – Of course, we wouldn’t be who we are without our nuts! We’re the go-to source for everything from singular selections to mixed nuts, both by the pound and in bulk. 

Along with the above, we also provide a mouthwatering array of chocolates and candies, honey and jelly, tea and coffee, spices, dried fruit, grains and so much more. We’re also experienced curators of gift trays, tins and baskets for when you need a token of appreciation that’s as beautiful as it is yummy! 

Experience the Nuts To You Difference

Dating all the way back to 1976, Nuts To You has gained a reputation for delivering an unmatched combination of deliciousness and customer happiness. Over our many decades in business, we’ve kept up with the times, launching a user-friendly online store that allows families all over the nation to enjoy our fine fresh snacks selection. 

True to tradition, we also still maintain several brick-and-mortar stores around Philadelphia. No matter how you opt to shop, you can count on us to provide the best snacks around, spanning all sorts. We look forward to sharing them with you!

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