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sweet and salty snack trays

Our Sweet and Salty Snack Trays Make Summer Entertaining Easy

Woohoo – the season of cookouts, pool parties and other outdoor celebrations is back! As your calendar fills up with festivities, you may be looking for the best place to source your party and picnic snacks from. It’s an easy decision when you see Nuts To You’s selection of sweet and salty snack trays to please all ages, available in our stores as well as to be shipped right to your doorstep.

Our Sweet and Salty Snack Trays Make Summer Entertaining Easy 

Let’s take a glimpse at some of our pre-made tray offerings:

  • Acrylic Shell Filled with Chocolate Seashells – Whether you’re actually at the beach or just dreaming about it, these chocolate seashells are scrumptiously satisfying. “Shore” to draw attention, the decorative shell holder is pretty enough to save and display after the candies are gone!

  • Assorted Mixed Fruit Tray – Give your guests or fellow party goers a healthier option with this dried fruit tray featuring Turkish figs and apricots, pitted dates and our signature Island Mix. Can’t finish it all at once? No problem! Simply pop the lid back on to keep it fresh.
  • Almost Famous Tray – One of our best-selling sweet and salty snack trays, Almost Famous has something for every palate. Packed with salted and chocolate cashews, butter toasted peanuts, peanut M&M’s and two different types of trail mix (Meredith’s Mess & Island Mix), this is the perfect tray for grazing! It’s also ultra seasonally appropriate, as the snacks are arranged in the shape of a sun with milk chocolate nonpareils as the rays.
  • Tin with Roasted Salted In-Shell Pistachios – Put out this glorious 15-oz. tin of salted pistachios, and your crew will surely get cracking in no time! 

No matter what you’re celebrating this spring and summer – a special occasion or simply the beautiful weather – you can find all this and many more delicious goodies for great prices at Nuts To You.

Shop Nuts To You for Quality & Savings On All Your Favorites

Whenever you need fresh, convenient and delectable snacks this summer (or any season), count on us to deliver! Swing by one of our Philly stores or place an order online anytime – shipping is free for orders above $59. We look forward to providing you with memorable summertime treats that will thrill your friends, family, coworkers or whoever else you enjoy the season with!