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summer snacks for kids

On the Go? Grab These Fun Summer Snacks for Kids

From summer camp to beach trips to pool days, summertime can get busy and hectic. To help you keep your family fueled up throughout the season, Nuts To You offers a range of fun summer snacks for kids. Like all of our goodies, these selections are of the highest quality, so adults will love them, too! Check them out…

On the Go? Grab These Fun Summer Snacks for Kids 

  • Animal Crackers – Fresh and perfectly sweet, these whimsical crackers in adorable animal shapes can’t be beat! Get them for just $1.99 per 12-oz. package for a limited time.
  • Organic Cranberries – Even picky young eaters will fall for these lightly sweetened dried cranberries! Rich in antioxidants, they’re nutritious, portable and satisfying. Don’t miss your chance to stock up for a discounted price of $7.99 per pound.
  • Shelled (No Shell) Roasted & Salted Sunflower Seeds – Since they’re already out of the shell, these protein-packed dry roasted sunflower seeds offer all the tastiness with none of the mess. Kids will adore their crunch and nutty taste!
  • Red and Black Gummy Berries – These red and black berry gummy candies are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, a combo which is sure to thrill kids of all ages!
  • A Whale of a Good Time Mix – This delightful medley gets its name from the cheddar whales it features, but this is only the beginning. Also in the mix are butter toasted peanuts, hickory smoked almonds, shelled roasted salted peanuts, roasted salted green peas, wasabi peas, honey roasted sesame sticks and Cajun sesame sticks.
Good enough to go around, there's definitely no age limit on these scrumptious snacks! 

    Praise for Our Unique Snack Mixes 

    Of all our sweet and salty summer snacks for kids, our housemade trail mixes are among the most popular, thanks to their portability and exciting flavors. So, it’s no wonder they’re kid approved! Take a look at this review from Rita M.:

    “I ordered a few different trail mixes: A Whale of a Good Time and Banana Split Mix. They were both FANTASTIC!!! Full of good things! I especially love those sesame sticks! There was only one problem with them – my nephew ate them both up! I only got a taste of them, but they were SO GOOD!!!! I have to investigate further to see all the delicious treats they have. So glad I found this company!”

    Get Your Hands On Kid-Friendly Goodies Today

    Ready to keep exploring our selection of treats your kids will be happy to enjoy all summer long? Stop by your nearest Nuts To You in the Philly area, or place an online order with us. We look forward to being your family’s go-to source for all your summertime snacking needs!