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satisfying spring snacks

Sunny Days Call for Satisfying Spring Snacks

As we welcome warmer weather and longer days in spring, the doors swing open on new possibilities for outdoor adventures. As you enjoy all that the season has to offer, you’ll surely want to bring along satisfying spring snacks to keep you well fueled. And Nuts To You is just the place to find them for a great price!

Sunny Days Call for Satisfying Spring Snacks

Before embarking on a springtime excursion, don’t forget to fill up a backpack or picnic basket with an array of treats and snacks from our long-loved Philly nut house. A few of our feature offerings for on-the-go enjoyment include:

  • Habanero Honey Peanut Butter – The perfect complement to apple slices or pretzel rods, this unique peanut butter packs just the right level of heat to satisfy spice enthusiasts, with the usual nutty sweetness you’d expect to balance it out. We make it fresh on premises, along with all of our other delectable nut butters.
  • Corn Chips with Flax Seeds – Lightly salted for flavor, these corn chips are taken up a notch by flax seeds that add healthy fiber and an extra crunch factor.
  • Peach Apricot Whole Wheat Fig Bars – Individually packaged for peak freshness, these fruit-forward whole wheat snack bars are made to grab and take along for whenever you need a little something between meals.
  • My Mix Trail Mix – Whether you’re headed out hiking, camping, fishing, road tripping or to watch the kids play sports, this well-balanced mix is a must for staying satiated. In every handful, you’ll find an assortment of flame and golden raisins, walnuts, dry roasted peanut halves, roasted no salt cashew pieces and dark chocolate chips. 

Sweet, salty, spicy and every combination of the above — we’ve got it all covered in our range of satisfying spring snacks! 

Eat Our Snacks, Be Happy

Have something different than the above in mind for your perfect springtime snack blend? Check out our website to see the full selection! We sell a huge variety of fresh nuts, seeds, grains, candies, dried fruits and other scrumptious picks by the pound, so you can mix and match to create your ideal spread. We even have dog treats, so your furry friends won’t feel left out! 

Shop online and get your snacks shipped to wherever you are in the U.S., or stop by one of our stores if you’re in the Philly area like us. Either way, we guarantee 100% fresh quality!