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My Mix Trail Mix

$8.99 USD

7 reviews


This unique satisfying trail mix with nuts includes: dry roasted peanut halves, dark chocolate chips, golden raisins, flame raisins, Walnuts, and roasted no salt cashew pieces. It’s rich in calories and nutrients and makes a perfect dry snack for the trail, for camping, fishing, road trips, and so much more. Keep hunger at bay with a healthy and nutrient-dense mix like this one! We also sell chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit so you can make your own custom trail mix.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael G.
My mix

I never had this mix before, but it was a very good mixture of nuts and chocolate.

Christine K.

The my mix was very good as well as all the others mixes.
I purchased several to make a larger variety mix of all those different crunchy goodness put together.

Mark J.
Good mix!

Generally, I don't like walnuts that much. However, combined with the two colors of raisins and the chocolate, the mix works really well!

Gaylynn R.
good deal

nice size packages for the money and fresh..good mix, not all peanuts like some are.

Ken A.
I can’t buy this anymore

That’s right, I seriously cannot buy this product. The package says I should get 16 servings per bag. I never get more than 4. This stuff is good and addictive I don’t know how to stop eating it. Is there a support group available? 😂