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Nuts To You: Your Destination for Easter Egg Hunt Candy!

Nuts To You: Your Destination for Easter Egg Hunt Candy!

Easter egg hunts are a ton of fun for both kids and adults! After all, who doesn’t love candy and a little bit of friendly competition? With Easter less than two weeks away, it’s time to stock up on Easter egg hunt candy so that your family is prepared to participate in this age-old holiday tradition. For a huge variety of the best and yummiest Easter candy, look no further than Nuts to You. Here are a few of our best-selling Easter egg hunt candy items:

  • Spring Cadbury Creme Eggs – These egg-shaped confections are an Easter classic! When you bite through the creamy milk chocolate shell, you’ll be delighted to find a deliciously sweet yellow and white fondant filling.
  • Spring Foiled Chocolate Eggs (12 oz. Bag) – Fill your plastic Easter eggs with a handful of these brightly colored chocolate egg candies! If you have a big crowd coming to your egg hunt, be sure to purchase a few bags so that there are enough to go around.
  • Gummy Bunnies (12 oz. Bag) – Our delightfully chewy gummy bunnies come in six different fruit flavors. The Easter Bunny would definitely approve of this Easter egg hunt candy!
  • Robin Eggs (12 oz. Bag) – These pastel candy eggs are filled with malt that will melt in your mouth. Think of them as the Easter version of malted milk balls!
  • Jelly Bean Nougat – This sweet Easter egg hunt candy creation from Brach’s brings together fruity jelly beans and creamy nougat. Don’t miss out on this delicious combo at your egg hunt!

Interested in seeing our other offerings for Easter and springtime? Check out our recent blog post on our scrumptious spring goodies or head over to our online store!

Get Your Easter Egg Hunt Candy Before It’s Too Late!

Our Easter goodies won’t last forever! To ensure that you get all of your family’s favorite candy in time for your egg hunt, place your order online or, if you’re located near us, drop by one of our five stores in Philadelphia today. If you choose to order from our website, be sure to do so by March 31st to get FREE shipping on orders over $50 (excludes gift trays and baskets). And if you have any questions before purchasing Easter egg hunt candy from us, just call (215) 677-8520. We look forward to helping your family have an unforgettably yummy Easter!