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Excite Your Tastebuds with Our Best Sugar-Free Candy!

Are you looking to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume? You don’t have to sacrifice the sweet treats that you love in order to do so! Whether you’re diabetic or you’re just watching your weight, our best sugar-free candy is a tasty, much healthier alternative to regular candy. On the Nuts to You website, you’ll find all of the following sugarless confections:

  • Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Almonds – Premium almonds come together with luscious, sugar-free dark chocolate to create a snacking experience you don’t have to feel guilty about.
  • Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips – With sugar-free chocolate chips, you’ll no longer have to miss out on your favorite baked goods! You can make chocolate chip muffins, cookies and so much more using these sugarless chips.
  • Sugar-Free Gummy Bears – Love gummy bears but not all of the sugar that’s usually found in them? Our sugar-free ones are the perfect option! They deliver the same irresistible fruity taste without any of the sugar.
  • Eda’s Sugar-Free Lemon Hard Candy – Instead of sugar, these tangy, citrusy candies are sweetened naturally with sorbitol, a sweet substance that occurs in many fruits. Plus, they contain no fat, cholesterol or salt, so you can enjoy them with no worries!
  • Sugar-Free Starlite Mints – Need to freshen up your breath after a meal? Opt for sugarless Starlite mints for a pepperminty treat that is low in both calories and carbs.

Hankering for more sugar-free treats? There are plenty of other choices on our website! Head over there now to view all of our offerings.

Curb Your Cravings with the Best Sugar-Free Candy Today!

Ready to treat yourself to a delicious assortment of the best sugar-free candy around? It’s time to order online from Nuts to You or visit one of our five locations in Philadelphia! And if you’re interested in more healthy snack options, check out our post on the nutritious and delicious granola we sell.

If you have any questions about the ingredients we use to sweeten our best sugar-free candy, you can read the descriptions of each item on our website or give us a call at (215) 677-8520. Our friendly representatives are always more than happy to help you out!

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to a better lifestyle now by switching to our sugarless treats. We look forward to satisfying all of your cravings!