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gourmet nuts

Gourmet Nuts & Much More, Delivered by Nuts To You

Loaded with nutrients, nuts have many known health benefits. Beyond that, they just taste darn good! Their crunchy texture can add interest to salads, baked goods, trail mixes… the list goes on. Not to mention, they’re delicious on their own. So, where is the best place to get gourmet nuts for all your snacking and cooking purposes? Nuts To You, of course!

Gourmet Nuts & Much More, Delivered by Nuts To You 

In business since 1976, Nuts to You takes pride in maintaining our reputation as the #1 family-operated nut house delighting the Philadelphia area and beyond. Whether you choose to peruse and select your favorite nuts and other goodies at one of our brick-and-mortar stores or on our website, you can count on receiving the highest quality and freshness. 

Here are a few standouts from our irresistible selection:

  • Brazil Nuts – A rich, naturally hearty source of selenium, calcium, zinc, iron and protein, these large, ovular nuts provide a delicious boost at breakfast, snacktime, lunch or dinner!
  • Pine Nuts – Technically a seed, pine nuts lend a velvety texture and tangy flavor to recipes of all sorts. Blend them into a satisfying pesto, or keep them whole and sprinkle as you please to garnish pastas, salads and more.
  • Luxury No-Salt Mixed Nuts – Struggling to decide which type of gourmet nuts you’re in the mood for? There’s no need to, thanks to this thoughtful blend of nuts that go great together! A supercharged snack, this mix features hazelnuts, roasted macadamias, roasted cashews, dry roasted almonds, whole cashews, pecan halves and roasted, shelled pistachios, all without salt!

…plus dozens of other options! Explore our nutty assortment and crack into whatever you’re craving right now.

Nothing Beats Our Nuts!

Still debating whether to give us a try? This review from Janan L.D. should be all you need: 

“Nuts To You is the place to go!! Their nuts and dried fruits (the dates… OMG) are the freshest I've ever eaten. Get this: I ordered and got my fruit and nuts the next day!!! C’MON. My go-to for everything nutty.”

We ship our products across the U.S., so everyone can enjoy the goodness! Stock up and save, with free shipping on orders exceeding $69. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the supreme source for premium nuts and a whole lot more!