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Diva's Delight

$8.99 USD

6 reviews


This unique satisfying mix includes: Dried cranberries, flame raisins, raw sunflower seeds raw almonds and no salt roasted shelled pistachios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John M.

Nuts to You doesn’t disappoint !! Delicious products and fast shipping.

Lois G.
Makes this diva delighted.

Fresh nuts. Good assortment. Not too sweet or salty. Healthy and delicious.

Donna A.
Nuts to You Review

Everything was fresh & delicious

Melissa C.
A favorite!

I order this periodically as part of a gift package for two very dear friends who are teachers and who sing in church choir with me. They LOVE Diva's Delight, which I originally ordered for them because, like many talented folks, they can be divas sometimes!

Alex C.
ALC Diva

My problem with Diva is the sun seed. I use diva as a snack which means I just stick my hand into the diva and go straight to the mouth. Trouble is seeds always slip out on the way to my mouth--to the floor, to the counter, down my shirt. Leave out the sunflower seed and put in cashew bits--call it Devine. Keep slugging guys, I'm for you to beat out the biggees. Another suggestion: I would like to buy some kind of snack cracker like nabisco's wheat thins or triscuits or cheesits. Also do you do dried apple, Just thinly slice apple chips, no sugar no coating--like banana chips without the coating. I'll be back in the market for peanut butter soon. I will call the warehouse number and make a small order as I am still working on my last lash out. Alex