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Wow Your Friends with Gourmet Nut Gift Trays!

Wow Your Friends with Gourmet Nut Gift Trays!

Do you have a friend or family member whose birthday is coming up? Or perhaps you’re attending a wedding or other special event in the near future? Either way, gourmet nut gift trays from Nuts to You make the perfect present.

To help you decide which one(s) to purchase, here’s a little bit of info about a few of the delicious varieties we offer:

  • Section Wooden Tray – This gourmet nut gift tray is appropriate when you’re looking for a small but sweet gift. It includes honey peanuts, salted mixed nuts with peanuts, milk chocolate covered pretzels and small dark chocolate nonpareils. These sweet and savory treats come encased in a lovely wooden tray with four equal sections.
  • Nut Lovers Tray – Is your loved one crazy about nuts? They’re sure to love this gourmet nut gift tray! It comes with an assortment of butter-toasted peanuts, pecans, raw almonds, salted cashews and salted peanuts.
  • Flower Tray – Want to impress your friends and family with a gourmet nut gift tray that’s as beautiful as it is delicious? That’s where the flower tray comes in. It includes an assortment of nuts and dried fruit in the shape of a tan and green flower. To create this image, the folks at Nuts to You use pistachios, cashews, International mix, butter-toasted peanuts, raw almonds, dried pears, dried pineapple rings, dried kiwi and a few dried cranberries. You simply can’t beat this tray in terms of appearance and taste!
  • Swivel Tray – This large tray works for just about any occasion, and it’s perfect for sharing with a group! It contains a tempting variety of butter-toasted peanuts, milk chocolate pretzels, white chocolate pretzels, salted cashews, Brad’s sweet and salty trail mix and milk and dark chocolate nonpareils.

No matter which of these gourmet nut gift trays you choose, we guarantee it will be fresh and delicious. If you’re any less than completely satisfied with our products, we pledge to give you a refund or replacement at no extra charge.

Get Your Gourmet Nut Gift Trays Today!

Ready to place an order for Nuts to You’s expertly-made gourmet nut gift trays? It’s time to call us at (215) 677-8520 or visit us on the web. Or you can always feel free to stop by any of our five locations around the city of Philadelphia. We look forward to showing you why we’re the absolute best place to buy gourmet nut gift trays and other snacks!