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Valentine's Day favorites

Find All Your Beloved Valentine’s Day Favorites

The holiday dedicated to love is right around the corner! Whether you’ll be celebrating with a special someone or other loved ones, Nuts To You has all the Valentine’s Day favorites you’ll need. There’s still a bit of time left to place an order on our website – or, visit one of our Philadelphia locations if you’re in the area! 

Find All Your Beloved Valentine’s Day Favorites

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you care with our array of love-themed treats:

  • Sour Red & White Gummy Hearts – If your sweetheart likes sour candies, don’t miss the chance to dazzle them with our best-selling heart-shaped cherry gummies! Get them fast, before they sell out.
  • Conversation Hearts Tin – Express your feelings loud and clear, or simply enjoy the cute and quirky messages on these classic conversation hearts. They’re just like you remember them from back in the day, packaged in a beautiful tin that’s ready to be gifted!
  • Hot Tamales – Let someone know you think they’re smokin’ hot with these spicy and sweet bright red candies! Chewy at first, they melt in your mouth.
  • Long Grove Triple Mint Truffles – Mint and chocolate make the perfect couple, so why not delight your sweetheart with a box of these smooth and creamy truffles? The red and white packaging is uber romantic and totally appropriate for Cupid’s day.

This is far from all we have in store for you! Maybe your Valentine’s Day favorites are on the saltier side – maybe they’re even nutty. It’s all up to you to decide what will most appeal to you and those you hold dear in our huge selection of gourmet snacks and treats.

Buy Goodies in Time to Celebrate Love Deliciously!

From gift baskets, trays and tins to nut mixes to honey and jelly to coffee and tea – and even raw and sugar-free items – we have so much to choose from to excite your Valentine. We invite you to check out everything on our online store and place an order that way, or visit us in person if it’s convenient for you. Either way, you can rest assured that all your chosen treats will be 100% fresh and delicious!