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Thrill Your Kids with Yummy Back to School Snacks!

Thrill Your Kids with Yummy Back to School Snacks!

The busy back to school season is here once again, which means it’s time to stock up on snacks for your family. At Nuts to You, we make it easy to find delicious and nutritious back to school snacks that are easy to grab and take anywhere. Best of all, we’re offering amazing discounts on these tasty treats so that you can stock up on them. Our wide selection of snacks for back to school includes:

  • Honey Roasted Cashews – Covered in sweet honey, these cashews are great for satisfying an after-school sugar craving while still offering tons of protein and nutrients. And for a limited time only, they’re on sale for a special price of $6.99 per pound.
  • True Ripe Apricots – When it comes to our dried apricots, we don’t skimp on size – we give you large apricot pieces that deliver a perfectly sweet taste with just a hint of tartness. Get them now for just $9.99 per pound!
  • Mini Salted Pretzels – Whether packed in a school lunch or enjoyed as an after-school snack, mini pretzels are a delicious, filling option that is healthier than potato chips. We have them here at Nuts to You for an unbeatable price of $1.49 a pound.
  • Brown Flax Meal – Flax is a great source of both fiber and healthy omega-3 fats, making it a super snack for growing kids. You can eat our ground brown flax meal by itself or mix it in with other ingredients to create yummy, nutritious snacks such as cookies, granola, smoothies and much more. Right now, you can get this back to school snack for only $0.99 a pound!

Whether you’re seeking back to school snacks that are sweet, salty or somewhere in-between, look no further than Nuts to You!

Don’t Delay – Get Your Back to School Snacks Today!

Are you ready to fill your cabinets and your kids’ lunchboxes with back to school snacks that are both healthy and convenient to eat while on the go? It’s time to place an order with Nuts to You. To do so, you can either visit us on the web or in-person at any of our Philadelphia locations. And if you have any questions about our products, you can always give us a call at (215) 677-8520. We look forward to providing you with delicious snacks for back to school!