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There’s Still Time to Purchase Our Best Christmas Treats!

There’s Still Time to Purchase Our Best Christmas Treats!

Are you on the hunt for last-minute stocking stuffers or scrumptious goodies to bring to holiday parties? You’ll definitely want to check out our selection of the best Christmas treats around! Even though the holidays are swiftly approaching, we still have tons of items left in stock, including:

  • Santa Helpers – These delectable chocolate candies are wrapped in foil that is decorated with festive images of snowmen and Santa. Thus, they’re sure to get your family and friends into the holiday spirit in addition to satisfying their chocolate cravings!
  • Chocolate Star Cookies – No holiday dessert spread is complete without chocolate star cookies. These classic cookies are covered in decadent milk chocolate and sprinkles, and we sell them in a two-pound box for just $7.99!
  • Christmas Tree Pretzels – Our Christmas tree-shaped pretzels are sure to please those who like salty and sweet snacks. The saltiness comes from the pretzels, and the sweetness comes from the white chocolate coating and sprinkles.
  • Jelly Bells – Whether you stay at home or visit loved ones during the holidays, these red and green gumdrop candies are the perfect Christmas treat to snack on. Plus, they’re great for decorating gingerbread houses!
  • Blue and White Lentils – If you’ve never tried our blue and white lentils, you’re missing out! These little candies are similar to M&M’S – they have chocolate on the inside and a candy coating on the outside.

If you’re interested in perusing our full stock of the best treats for Christmastime, head over to the Nuts to You website now! And for details on our best holiday gift trays and holiday gift baskets, check out our recent blog posts.

Call, Click or Stop By Today!

Ready to bring our best Christmas treats into your home for the holidays? There are many easy ways to place your order! Most people choose to order directly from our website using our secure online checkout, but you can also give us a call at (215) 677-8520. Alternatively, if you live in the Philadelphia area, we welcome you to visit one of our six brick-and-mortar stores, which are scattered throughout the city. Each of our locations carries slightly different items, so just be sure to confirm that we have the Christmas treats you’d like to purchase before stopping by.

With Christmas right around the corner, don’t delay – order our best Christmas treats now! We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with festive, mouthwatering goodies!