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sweet and salty fall snacks

5 Scrumptious Sweet and Salty Fall Snacks You Can Find at Nuts to You

As the foliage changes, it's only natural for your cravings to shift. Whether you have a hankering for sweet bites, more savory selections or both sweet and salty fall snacks, you can acquire all of your favorites in a cinch from Nuts to You! Today, we'll highlight a few of the delectable seasonal items we're now offering, in our Philadelphia stores and on our website.

5 Scrumptious Sweet and Salty Fall Snacks You Can Find at Nuts to You

  • Roasted & Salted Bulgarian (Ladynail) Pumpkin Seeds – A marvelous source of numerous beneficial vitamins & minerals, this unique pumpkin seed variety is known for its distinct taste. We dry roast and lightly salt our seeds to enhance their crunch and deepen their rich, signature flavor even further!
  • Candy Corn Crunch Mix – As you may already know, we love mixing sweet & salty treats to invent new and exciting flavor combinations! This particular mix combines sweet candy corn with crunchy Reese's Pieces and finishes off with fresh roasted, salted peanuts. It's sure to be adored by all who snack on it!
  • Salted Dutch Hard Pretzels – Baked to crisp, golden perfection, our medium-sized Dutch hard pretzels are sure to be a hit with your whole family! A salty snack suited for any occasion, they're on sale for just $2.99 per 10 oz. bag until the end of October.
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds – We've found that adding a light coating of cinnamon sugar to our fresh roasted almonds strikes the perfect balance of sweet and nutty. See for yourself by sampling these specialty nuts while they last!
  • Mellocreme Pumpkins – Plump on the outside; pillowy on the inside – these pumpkins have a mellow marshmallow flavor that's perfect for when you could use a sweet pick-me-up! Not to mention, they look extra festive mixed with candy corn. Get your pumpkin candies while they're on sale for just $2.49 a pound as an October monthly special!

We're Your One-Stop Destination for Sweet & Salty Fall Treats Galore

Is your mouth watering after this introduction to our most craveable sweet and salty fall snacks? We've got plenty more autumnal goodies in store for you! To browse our full seasonal selection and see what's on sale this month, click over now. Or, stop by any of the five Nuts to You store locations which are now open. Whichever way you choose to shop, you can count on us to provide the tastiest & freshest treats – all for the lowest prices around!