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summer cookout snacks

Get All Your Summer Cookout Snacks from Nuts To You

Sweet summertime is here again, and it's time to celebrate warmer, brighter days with your friends and family! When you're planning to gather around the grill, the fire pit or the pool, summer cookout snacks are absolutely essential to have on hand. To make your party prep easy, Nuts To You provides a wide selection of goodies you can mix and match to create an unforgettable snack spread!

Get All Your Summer Cookout Snacks from Nuts To You

Here are a few highlights from the wide range of tastebud-tantalizing summer cookout snacks we offer:

  • Dried Cherries – These plump, tart-meets-sweet dried cherries are great for snacking on before the main course, or incorporating into a luscious dessert like brownies.

  • Honey Roasted Peanuts – Finished with a light drizzle of honey, these roasted peanuts are 50% sweet, 50% salty and 100% delicious! Get them while they're on sale for just $3.49 a pound until the end of June.

  • New York Brand Garlic Flatbreads – These robustly seasoned garlic flatbreads pair perfectly with cheese. They're also a flavorful, crunchy vehicle for all your favorite dips and spreads. Try them with hummus, yogurt dip or even an olive tapenade.

  • Jumbo California Apricots – Filled with vitamin A, fiber and other essential nutrients, these sun-ripened apricots are a healthy snack that hits the spot on hot summer days. They're on sale for a special price of $14.99 per pound 'til the end of the month!

  • Nuts To You Popcorn – Your picnic or pool party guests will surely go wild for our famous freshly popped popcorn. After popping it in house daily in 100% pure peanut oil, we intentionally pack our popcorn in a jumbo bag so there's plenty to go around. Get it salted or unsalted – whichever is your preferred popcorn style!

Place Your Order Today & Make Your Summer Fun Super Tasty!

Eager to fill your pantry with salty and sweet summertime treats your family and party attendees will rave about? Click over to our online store to see everything we have in stock and get your favorite items shipped to your doorstep. Or, if you're in the area and prefer to shop in person, stop by one of our Philly locations at your convenience! Either way, you'll get access to all the snacks you've been craving, backed by the best customer service around.