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sugar free snacks

Snack Smart in 2022 with Our Selection of Healthier & Sugar Free Snacks

Are you aiming to reduce your sugar consumption and eat better overall in 2022? Nuts To You is here to help you accomplish your resolution! We offer a wide selection of sugar free snacks and healthier ingredients to bake with, mix into meals and more. Keep reading to get acquainted with our unbeatably priced better-for-you offerings!

Snack Smart in 2022 with Our Selection of Healthier & Sugar Free Snacks

To help you on your quest to eat less sugar, we stock:

  • Sugar-Free (Keto) Traditional Peanut Brittle – Sweetsmith Candy Co. has perfected sugar-free peanut brittle. Their recipe features freshly roasted peanuts coated in sweet, luscious, buttery goodness – just like the old-fashioned brittle you know and love. All natural isomalt and butter stand in for sugar, but you won't even notice the substitution!

  • Unsweetened Banana Chips – These craving-crushing banana chips are made with just two simple ingredients: bananas and coconut oil. Grab them and go for guilt-free anytime snacking!

  • Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips – Rich, 46% cocoa dark chocolate chips, minus the sugar. Use them in your favorite baked goods, top yogurt bowls with them or simply grab a handful for munching!

  • Eda's Sugar Free Lemon Hard Candy – Pop one of these zingy lemon drops to satisfy your craving for something sweet and sour all at once!

  • Unsweetened Coconut – This dried unsweetened coconut tastes oh-so fresh and delicious in both sweet and savory recipes. Toss it into a salad, sprinkle some in a curry or use it to add a distinct coconut-y flavor to muffins, cakes and other treats.

Rest assured: There's way more where these goodies came from... Browse all of our sugar free snacks & delicacies online and add your favorites to your virtual cart. Or, stop by one of our locations in the Philly area to see it all in person!

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