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Stock Up on Festive St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

Stock Up on Festive St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so if your family celebrates this fun holiday, it’s time to start preparing! Whether you’re planning to go to a parade or eat corned beef and cabbage on this special day, you’ll definitely want to have St. Patrick’s Day treats on hand. Luckily, Nuts to You has a variety of goodies in stock that would surely be approved by any leprechaun! Just to name a few:

  • Irish Potatoes – Although these St. Patrick’s Day treats look like mini potatoes, don’t let them fool you – they’re actually delicious coconut confections dusted with a cinnamon coating. And contrary to what you might think, Irish potatoes didn’t originate in Ireland – they were created in the great city of Philadelphia where Nuts to You is based! We take pride in making these classic Philadelphia candies for St. Patrick’s Day each year, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed if you give them a try. Just be sure to place your order for Irish potatoes soon before they sell out!
  • Wasabi Peas – Looking to spice up your St. Patrick’s Day? Our wasabi peas will definitely do the trick while providing the festive green color that this holiday is known for! To make this spicy snack, we first roast green peas and then add a wasabi coating that provides just the right amount of kick to satisfy spicy food fans.
  • Original Green Tea – Sticking with the green theme, we sell St. Dalfour original green tea that is certified 100% pure organic. So if you’re looking to get a dose of healthy antioxidants while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, this is the product for you!
  • In-Shell Roasted & Salted Pistachios – Pistachios are yet another food that is highly appropriate for St. Patty’s Day since they’re green! Not to mention these nuts contain protein, vitamins and minerals which are all very good for your health. Cheers to a St. Patrick’s Day treat you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Wondering what other Nuts to You products are popular right now aside from Irish potatoes and green goodies? Be sure to check out our monthly specials page!

Don’t Delay – Order Today!

If you’re ready to delight your family with a variety of St. Patrick’s Day treats, it’s time to visit our website or call (215) 677-8520 to place an order with Nuts to You. And if you’re interested in reading about how our gourmet nuts and seeds can help you get fit, don’t miss our recent blog post. We look forward to showing you why people rant and rave about our Irish potatoes and other St. Patrick’s Day treats!