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snack care package

Brighten Up Someone's Day with a Snack Care Package!

Needless to say, we are facing some very difficult circumstances right now. In these trying times, we could all use a little pick-me-up to lift our spirits. To help our friends and family stay positive, Nuts to You has created a selection of care packages filled with delicious treats. If you're looking to make your loved one (or yourself) smile, sending a snack care package is sure to accomplish this goal!

Which Snack Care Package Will You Choose?

Whether you're looking for an indulgent snack box or something a bit healthier, you're sure to find a crave-worthy pick in our selection of care packages:

  • Choc It Up Care Package – For the chocolate lovers in the crowd, this box hits the spot. It comes with an assortment of chocolatey delights, including chocolate raisins, pretzels, sea salt caramels and more!
  • Nutty Care Package – Going nuts during quarantine? Our Nutty Care Package provides a scrumptious surprise to break up the days. You'll get five different types of premium nuts – such as cashews, pistachios and almonds – in your favorite variety. Choose from roasted & salted, roasted no salt or raw nuts.
  • Craving for Candy Care Package – As the name suggests, this snack care package is guaranteed to appease a sweet tooth. It comes filled with five bags (ranging from 12 to 16 oz.) of assorted candy. Inside, you might find classics such as Mike & Ikes, strawberry licorice laces and animal crackers.
  • Dried Fruit Care Package – If you're seeking a more nutritious treat, our Dried Fruit Care Package is the way to go! You or your recipient will love the colorful assortment of individually packaged dried fruits – like mangoes, apricots and peaches, just to name a few.

If you're looking for a simple and safe way to spread joy during this difficult time, there's no better option than a care package full of delectable bites. Click over to our website to see the full selection!

We Are Committed to Fulfilling Your Snack Needs

In the face of recent challenges, Nuts to You remains dedicated to providing the highest quality snacks and gifts. Now more than ever, we appreciate your support of our family-owned business. Whether you'd like to send a snack care package or order your favorite snacks online, please remember that we are still here to help you satisfy all your cravings!