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Our Gourmet Honey Will Delight Your Tastebuds!

Our Gourmet Honey Will Delight Your Tastebuds!

So you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without totally straying from your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. We get it! That’s why we here at Nuts to You offer several types of gourmet honey. Honey is filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals while still delivering that irresistible sweet taste, meaning you can enjoy it in moderation without breaking your commitment to eating well in 2018. Here’s a sampling of the gourmet honey available on our website and in our stores:

  • Raw Honey – This 100% pure honey comes straight from the beehive! It is not heated, processed, filtered, strained or pasteurized at any point, allowing it to maintain its delicious taste and texture and its full health benefits.
  • Alfalfa Honey (1 lb.) – On the light, not-too-sweet side, alfalfa honey is often described as “delicate.” Furthermore, this gourmet honey is highly versatile – its mild, slightly spicy flavor makes it great for use in everything from baked goods to teas to sauces and salad dressings.
  • Orange Blossom Honey (1 lb.) – With a hint of an orange flavor, this unique gourmet honey is some of the sweetest you’ll ever taste. It’s perfect for adding to tea, coffee or sweet treats!
  • Honey Bears (12 oz.) – These bears are totally adorable; plus, they’re filled with pure, natural golden honey that can be used to add some sweetness to virtually any recipe imaginable!
  • Buckwheat Honey (1 lb.) – Its distinctive dark color and thick texture make buckwheat honey stand out from other types of gourmet honey. As for its nutritional benefits, this honey is packed full of antioxidants, making it great to put in your hot beverages whenever your immune system needs a boost!
  • Wildflower Honey (1 lb.) – This variety of gourmet honey is on the thicker and darker side. From year to year, it will have a slightly different flavor depending on what types of plants and wildflowers were in bloom during the summer when the honey was harvested.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even all of the honey we have to offer! To view our entire selection of gourmet honey, head over to our website now.

Our Assorted Teas Pair Perfectly with Our Gourmet Honey!

When you try out our gourmet honey, don’t forget to purchase some St. Dalfour hot tea to go along with it! We have over a dozen varieties that you can mix and match with the different types of honey we sell.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to beat the winter blues with our selection of gourmet honey and hot tea! You can find both of these items on our website or at our five store locations around Philadelphia. And if you have any questions for us, simply call (215) 677-8520. We can’t wait for you to try our delicious products!