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It’s Pumpkin Season! Have You Purchased Your Pumpkin Products?

It’s Pumpkin Season! Have You Purchased Your Pumpkin Products?

Autumn is the time for all things pumpkin – pumpkin picking, carving and painting, plus delicious pumpkin snacks. When it comes to pumpkin products, Nuts to You has the best selection around. Here’s a little glimpse into what we offer:

  • Bulgarian Pumpkin Seeds – Looking to keep it healthy this fall? Our imported Bulgarian pumpkin seeds are the pumpkin product for you! They are jam-packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and numerous antioxidants that promote good health. Best of all, they make a crunchy and delicious autumn snack!
  • Sour Jelly Pumpkins – If you’re a fan of sour treats, then you’ll love our sour jelly pumpkins! They’re gummy, which makes them easy to chew.
  • Pumpkin Pie Almonds – Craving pumpkin pie but don’t have time to make one from scratch? Fear not – our pumpkin pie almonds deliver the flavor of a freshly-baked pumpkin pie without all of the work! Simply pop them out of the package and into your mouth to savor the taste of fall’s best dessert.
  • Pumpkin Yogurt Pretzels – We’ve combined sweet and salty flavors to create a perfectly delicious pumpkin product – pumpkin yogurt pretzels. Taste one for yourself and you’ll instantly understand why they’re a customer favorite!
  • Mellocreme Pumpkins – These small pumpkin-shaped candies are a festive addition to Halloween parties and other autumn events. They’re guaranteed to please anyone with a sweet tooth!

Now that you’ve learned about our amazing pumpkin products, we hope you’ll also check out our full selection of the best autumn snacks.

Our Pumpkin Products Won’t Be Around Forever – Order Today!

If you’re as crazy about pumpkin products as we are, be sure to stock up on them now! Sadly, we can’t keep them in our inventory all year round, so it’s vital that you get them before they’re gone. In addition to ensuring that you have enough pumpkin goodies to satisfy your family, there’s an added benefit to buying in bulk – we offer free shipping on every order that’s over $99, meaning you’ll save money when you do all of your pumpkin product shopping at once!

So don’t delay – pick up the phone and dial (215) 677-8520, visit us at any of our five locations around Philadelphia or head over to our website to place your order! And if you’re not from the Philadelphia area, don’t worry – we deliver our delicious pumpkin products anywhere in the United States. We look forward to providing you with delectable fall treats just in time for the cool weather!