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4 Healthy, Portable Snacks for End-of-Summer Outings

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean your fun has to! The transition from summer to autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing. As you embark on late-summer adventures, don't forget to bring along healthy, portable snacks to energize you while you go, go, go! Here are a few choices you can't go wrong with:

  1. Super Snack Trail Mix – When you're in need of healthy, portable snacks, it's only natural to reach for trail mix! After all, it's easy to eat on the go and travels well no matter where you're headed. We recommend our flavorful, protein-packed Super Snack mix, which contains flame raisins, raw walnuts, golden raisins, dry-roasted peanut halves and roasted, no-salt cashew pieces. Get it on sale now for just $3.49 per pound!
  2. Portabella Mushroom Jerky – Beef jerky is a classic snack for road trips, hikes and other expeditions. But if you don't eat meat, you're looking for a healthier option or you simply want to try something new, mushroom jerky is a wonderful alternative! Made with shiitake pieces and portabella caps marinated in a robust, smoky glaze, Shrooms Mushroom Jerky will leave your tastebuds begging for more!
  3. Strawberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars – Craving a fruity pick-me-up? Our strawberry fig bars will most certainly hit the spot! Made with real fruit paste, they'll give you a boost while satisfying your sweet tooth. Plus, these snack bars are individually wrapped, so they'll stay fresh in your bag!
  4. Corn Chips with Flaxseeds – These lighly salted corn chips pack extra crunch and fiber thanks to added flaxseeds. Stash some in your car or backpack for anytime snacking!

You can find all of these healthy, portable snacks and much more in Nuts to You stores and on our website. For instance, we also offer a range of scrumptious flavored nut butters. Click over to our recent blog to read all about them!

We've Got the Best Selection of Healthy, Portable Snacks Around!

Looking to stock up on sweet and salty snacks that are both delicious and nutritious? Nuts to You is your destination for tasty morsels of all types! To peruse our selection, visit any of our Philly locations or head to our website to place an online order. No matter how you shop for our healthy, portable snacks, we guarantee they'll be irresistibly fresh and yummy!

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