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grab and go snacks

Grab and Go Snacks for Springtime Outings

Spring is in the air! To prepare for impromptu picnics and other warm-weather adventures, stocking your pantry with grab and go snacks is an essential step. Shopping with Nuts To You, it's a breeze to fill your snack cabinet with fresh, portable bites you can enjoy anywhere. Simply visit our website or stop by one of our Philly locations to peruse our full selection and pick your favorites!

Grab and Go Snacks for Springtime Outings 

Want to preview what's in store when you choose Nuts To You as your snack source this spring? Here are a few highlights from our array of seasonal grab and go snacks:

  • Super Snack Trail Mix – Whether you're actually on the trail or not, this fruity and nutty mix is sure to make you a happy camper! Included in this mix are golden raisins, flame raisins, dry roasted peanut halves, raw walnuts and roasted, unsalted cashew pieces.
  • Effie's Oatcakes – When you're craving a crispy, lightly sweet pick-me-up, look no further than Effie's Oatcakes! Somewhere between a cracker and a biscuit, this beloved fourth-generation family recipe has an unforgettable flavor that’s subtly nutty.
  • Natural Wasabi Peas – Looking for a spicy, crunchy snack with zero artificial dyes? Our natural wasabi peas are just what you had in mind! Add these roasted, wasabi-coated peas to your favorite mix for a hint of heat, or munch them on their own to experience the full intensity. 
  • Blueberry Whole Wheat Fig Bars – Individually wrapped to ensure portability and freshness, our blueberry whole wheat fig bars provide a balanced energy boost – and they taste great, too! Their chewy whole wheat shell is filled with a delightfully fruity fig mixture that both kids and adults will love.

Feeling hungry? There's a whole lot more where this came from! To see everything we offer and complete your snack haul ahead of warm, action-packed days, click over to our online store.

For Fresh Snacks At Unbeatable Prices, Shop Nuts to You 

Whether you're picnicking in the park, lounging by the lake or running some errands, don't forget to bring along Nuts To You snacks to keep your family satisfied! When you stock up and spend more than $59 on our website, you'll enjoy free shipping on us.

Located in/near Philly and prefer to shop in person? Come see us at one of our five stores throughout the area. Whichever method you pick, you can always expect to receive fresh, high-quality goodies that hit the spot!