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best Easter candy

The Best Easter Candy of 2020 & Where to Find It

Sweet treats go hand in hand with Easter. Planning an egg hunt or making Easter baskets for your young (or not-so-young) ones? You'll want to stock up on a variety of confections for the upcoming festivity. In turn, you may be wondering where to find a wide selection of the best Easter candy this year. Nuts to You is the customer-preferred place to shop for spring treats! Keep reading to preview what we have in stock for Easter.

Get All the Best Easter Candy at Nuts to You

  • Spring Foiled Chocolate Eggs – Our spring foiled chocolate eggs are the perfect treat to sprinkle in an Easter basket or hide inside eggs for an Easter egg hunt. The brightly colored wrappers are sure to catch your eye, inviting you to find the chocolate treasure inside!
  • Spring White Chocolate Confetti Pretzels – Right where salty meets sweet and crunch meets ooey gooey goodness – that's where you'll find our white chocolate confetti pretzels! They're a highly satisfying and visually appealing treat for Easter and all spring long.
  • Spring Gummy Eggs – In pastel hues you might find on a freshly painted Easter egg, our spring gummy eggs are fruity and fulfilling. Available for a limited time only, this best Easter candy item is practically hopping off our shelves!
  • Jelly Bellies – Tantalize your tastebuds with these jelly beans that come in 49 scrumptious varieties. It's endlessly exciting to pick a bean from the bunch and find out what flavor it is. You might even pop a few in your mouth at once to create a custom flavor combination!

These are just a few of the awesome options we're offering now, in case you're looking for the yummiest Easter candy around!

Cross Easter Candy Shopping Off Your To-Do List Today

If you're ready to grab all the best Easter candy before it's gone, it's time to start shopping! You can browse and order from our seasonal selection on our website. If it's convenient, you can also stop by any of our Philly store locations to pick out items for your Easter celebration. Either way, you'll get the lowest prices and the highest quality when you shop Nuts to You. We look forward to helping you create a delicious Easter candy spread your family will love!