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Nuts To You: The Best Place to Buy Baking Ingredients Online

Looking for a way to acquire all the supplies needed to make your favorite holiday baked goods, without leaving the house? A proud purveyor of the freshest, highest quality ingredients and snacks, Nuts to You is a family-run business offering a convenient option to purchase all your favorite baking ingredients online! We also have five store locations throughout Philadelphia where you can visit us, if you prefer to shop in person.

Nuts To You: The Best Place to Buy Baking Ingredients Online

Curious to know what our extensive selection of baking ingredients online includes? Here's a sneak peek!:

  • Whole Wheat Flour – While many stores in our area have been sold out of flour lately, Nuts to You remains stocked with numerous varieties to create all your most prized recipes! One noteworthy customer favorite is our whole wheat flour. A more nutritious choice than refined white flour, whole wheat flour adds a rustic flavor to any baked good. Buy it by the pound for all your bread and dessert making needs!
  • Almond Extract (6 oz.) – Use this flavorful extract to enhance your homemade cakes, cookies, breads and more! Almond extract is known to bring out flavors of peach and cherry when used in baked goods of all sorts.
  • Dark Chocolate Wafers – Whether you're whipping up chocolate covered pretzels, brownies from scratch or another decadent dessert, these bittersweet dark chocolate rounds are ideal for melting down. They also make a delicious sweet treat when you need a chocolate delight!
  • Poppy Seeds – Adding poppy seeds is a surefire way to take your pastries, bagels and breads to the next level. Beyond being tasty, these seeds are a great source of fiber, manganese and healthy fats.
  • Light Walnut Pieces (Syrupers) – These fresh walnut pieces make a fantastic addition to so many baked goodies, from nutritious breakfast muffins to indulgent desserts. Toss a handful into the mix and enjoy their crunchy, nutty goodness!

Shop Nuts To You for All Your Holiday Baking & Gifting Needs!

Still searching for the perfect last-minute holiday gift for someone on your list? Check out our selection of care packages and our email gift card options! You can't go wrong with giving the gift of delicious treats from our small business.

Stock your cart with baking ingredients, yummy gift baskets for your loved ones or other tantalizing treats from our website, and enjoy free shipping on your order of $59+! We greatly appreciate your support – especially during this difficult period – and we wish your family a happy, healthy holiday season.